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Global Alliance

The Constitution of the Global Alliance of National Baton Twirling & Majorette Associations. 

The Global Alliance of National Baton Twirling and Majorette Associations is an alliance, a partnership of twirling nations, fused together by their common interest to see baton twirling flourish throughout  the world with excellence as a worthwhile and beneficial art, sport and physical activity.

The constitution of the Global Alliance of National Baton Twirling & Majorette Associations sets forth the high principles to which member nations subscribe:

  • To provide a place where international harmony can be fostered through the blending of the voices, ideas and skills of the participating nations.
  • To provide a place where the safety and well being of baton twirling  participants will receive first consideration.
  • To promote the values of international understanding and cooperation, without distinction to race, nationality or creed and to collectively encourage competitive fairness, impartiality and integrity.
  • To protect the integrity of true baton twirling and be cautious not to diminish twirling’s distinctiveness by trying to pattern all movements and actions after other sports and arts.
  • To promote international rules that are faire, safe and of good taste for all twirlers of the world and not favour any nation or style of presentation.
  • To provide a place where high ethical standards, cooperation, good fellowship, peace, recognition and understanding may prevail.
  • To provide a place where baton twirling nations can unite for international strength, recognition and prominence and where the true uniqueness of baton twirling is recognized.
  • To provide a place where the great twirlers of the world can meet in friendly, impartial competition and carry the twirling banner high for all the world to see.
  • To provide a flexible organizational structure. One that will maximize the opportunities to win public recognition and respect for baton twirlers and baton twirling. One that will adjust to new needs without uprooting the great NBTA traditions and historical achievements of the past.
  • To pledge to rise above national differences in favour of “the big picture”. Nations pledge themselves to rise above the national favoritisms and respect the rules that govern them.
  • Not to tamper with the customs and strengths of individual nations.
  • To identify and promote educational benefits and scholarship opportunities for twirlers.


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